Jacob Seppanen

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Jacob.

      I am a software developer with a particular focus on Android using Kotlin and Java. I also have a bit of experience with VB.net, and have been spending time lately with Python and some Java backend.

      I've had a strong interest in computers and what they can do since I was young, starting with programming graphing calculators as well as some qBasic. In recent years, I have spent quite a bit of time writing software to aid automation in the manufacturing world, and now more recently picking up some new languages and skills to improve as a developer. There is something about having that breakthrough where a piece of code actually works that gives me a thrill every time.

      Outside of coding I like to spend time doing stuff with my wife and kids like building a playhouse or figuring out how to create a local phone network to install an old dial telephone in there. You might also find me relaxing at the piano or enjoying a good book.

Scroll down, and please get in touch if you want to find more. Thanks for stopping by!

Things I Can Do

Every person is unique and has a combination of talents and abilities that no one else has. Although this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few of my skills.

  • Write code. (Java, Kotlin, Python, C, VB.net)
  • Build Android apps (See examples below.)
  • Read books and stuff. (Give me a page of text or a book any day over a video/movie.)
  • Drink much coffee. (I live in the Pacific NW after all.)

A Few Accomplishments

Here are a few things I'm proud of.


An uber-like app to connect pregnant women in labor with motorcycle ambulance drivers in Uganda to provide affordable transportation in a timely manner. This was created in 5 weeks with a team of three web developers, one IOS developer, and myself as the sole Android developer.

Contact Me

Questions? Comments? Want to learn more about me? Send me a message.